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The R.O.I. Group is an Orange County marketing, advertising and business development agency specializing in generating demand, driving sales and building brand value for considered purchase products and services.

There are two types of purchase decisions: 1) Impulsive, and 2) Considered.

Impulse purchases are unplanned and often driven by curiosity, ego and emotions. They range from inexpensive products (candy, clothing and magazines) to very expensive products (jewelry, vehicles and works of art.)

Considered purchases (also known as business-to-business or b2b), typically involve three or more of the following:

1.    Evaluation of competitive offerings
2.    Higher price tag/investment
3.    Multiple decision makers
4.    Purchased by a professional
5.    Sales process

Today’s considered purchase buyer is overworked, risk adverse, cynical about advertising claims, views most products as commodities and has little brand loyalty.

That’s why we dig deeper to understand your brand’s DNA, competitive leverage points and the important issues surrounding the selection of category products and services.

These key insights allow us to develop marketing and communication ideas and programs that connect with customers and prospects emotionally, rationally and occasionally hit their funny bone.

Our ability, success and invaluable experience at planning and executing effective, highly creative marketing communication campaigns for considered purchase products and services is what sets us apart from “generalist” agencies.

If your products and services are a considered purchase and your brand isn’t measuring up to expectations, consider The R.O.I. Group.

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